2 February, 2021

colMOOC Brand Guide

Guide for the correct use of the colMOOC logo in all media.
29 January, 2021

colMOOC Leaflet

Dissemination material: Flyer Smart and collaborative learning Download FlyerA5_v4
19 June, 2019

colMOOC Rollup – Teachers

Dissemination material: Smart and collaborative learning Roll up teachers Download
19 June, 2019

colMOOC Rollup – General Public

Dissemination material: Roll up general public
19 June, 2019

colMOOC Poster – Teachers

Dissemination material: Poster Teachers
19 June, 2019

Presentation Video

Do you know what colMOOC stands for?  Take a moment to watch this video and learn […]
19 June, 2019

Demo video

Conversational pedagogical agents guide and support student dialogue using natural language both in individual and collaborative […]
7 June, 2019

colMOOC Poster – General Public

Dissemination material: Poster English – General Public

Join out Virtual Community of Practice about “Conversational Agents in Education”

An exciting opportunity to learn about and participate in an international community devoted to the use of Conversational Agents for Learning. Conversational Agents (CAs) are an innovative technology that uses Artificial Intelligence techniques to provide more personalized and fruitful interactions for learning.

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