29 July, 2021

D8.4- Public final activity report

This deliverable contains: (i) the presentation of the Consortium, (ii) the presentation of the objectives of […]
29 July, 2021

D7.2 – Dissemination Activities Report

In the deliverable “D7.2: Dissemination Activities Report” are summarized the main dissemination activities carried out by […]
29 July, 2021

D6.3 – Policy Recommendations

This report discusses recommendations made to the different stakeholders involved in the adoption of Conversational Agents […]
29 July, 2021

D6.2 – Community Building Platform Final Version

This report provides a technical and functional description of the final version of the web-based platform […]
29 July, 2021

D5.3 – Trials’ evaluation report

This report describes the results of the pilot evaluation activities of Work package 5. It presents […]
29 July, 2021

D5.2- Trials’ report

This report elaborates on the preparatory work carried out for the design of the pilots and […]
29 July, 2021

D4.7 – Final evaluation report

The main goal of this document is to present the technical assessment of the final version […]
29 July, 2021

D4.6 – Final colMOOC system

The main goal of this document is to describe the final version of the implementation of […]

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