10 February, 2021
10 February, 2021

This report presents all preparatory work to organize the evaluation phase of the project. In particular, a catalogue of multilingual, multimodal and multidomain MOOC courses, which instructional design is based on the educational approach built in D1.3 (2018) of WP1, including an overview, learning objectives, methodology and syllabus with materials and learning activities of each course based on CA and LA components developed in D2.1(2018) of WP2 and D3.1 (2019) of WP3 and integrated in D4.2 (2019) of WP4. This work will serve as the grounds for the trial activities to be reported in the next deliverables D5.2 and D5.3 (to be submitted in 2020)

Join out Virtual Community of Practice about “Conversational Agents in Education”

An exciting opportunity to learn about and participate in an international community devoted to the use of Conversational Agents for Learning. Conversational Agents (CAs) are an innovative technology that uses Artificial Intelligence techniques to provide more personalized and fruitful interactions for learning.

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