“Learn with Agents” colMOOC Workshop

MOOC “Programming for non-Programmers”
23 February, 2021
Presenting the project results in Greek TV
10 May, 2021

The ‘colMOOC’ (collaborative MOOC) project is a EU Erasmus+ funded project with the objective to promote learners’ interaction in prototype MOOC courses by integrating in MOOC platforms a kind of conversational agent that triggers learners’ constructive dialogue by posing challenging questions. Now, as the project completes its mission, the key project results will be presented in an open Workshop on Friday, March 26, 2021. 👉 https://sites.google.com/view/colmooc-workshop/

You can check the AUTH press release (in Greek) here

Join out Virtual Community of Practice about “Conversational Agents in Education”

An exciting opportunity to learn about and participate in an international community devoted to the use of Conversational Agents for Learning. Conversational Agents (CAs) are an innovative technology that uses Artificial Intelligence techniques to provide more personalized and fruitful interactions for learning.

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