OOFHEC2018: the Online, Open and Flexible Higher Education Conference

06 feb 2019 | Denmark

OOFHEC2018 scope

In European universities three areas of provision emerge: degree education as the backbone of a university; continuing education and continuous professional development, which probably will exceed the number of degree students and open education which emerged mainly by the MOOC movement. Universities attempt policies and strategies to define their profile in these areas, which can be complementary to each other and to some extent interwoven.

Digital models of teaching and learning can solve some of the problems higher education is facing today and will offer new opportunities for teaching and learning in each of these areas. They will innovate and even transform higher education in the next years:

Blended degree education will raise the quality and efficiency of degree education, facing large numbers of students and it will offer new possibilities for communication and cooperation both inside the university (student-student and student-staff) and with stakeholders (student-stakeholder and teacher-stakeholder).
Blended and online education will upscale the area of continuing education and continuous professional development (CPD) by offering flexible courses with a large outreach responding to the needs of learners at work, who face longer careers and career shifts.
MOOCs are offered online only, providing massive and open learning opportunities for all, promoting engagement in the knowledge society.

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