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13 sep 2018 | Brussels

The Digital Education Action Plan by the European Commission aims at supporting the teaching professions.

What is it about?

The knowledge, skills and attitudes of each of Europe's 6 million teachers are of great importance. The quality of their teaching has a direct effect upon learners' attainment.

The demands made on teachers, school leaders, and teacher educators are increasing and changing. They are called on to play a key role in modernising education. To do that, they need to develop their own competences. Initial education and continuous professional development of the highest quality, and access to support throughout their careers are both essential.

A decline in the prestige of the profession and staff shortages are challenges in many EU countries, holding back the quality of school education. Most countries therefore aim to attract a wider range of suitable candidates to careers in teaching and school leadership, and to motivate and support them to excel in these demanding professions.

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