06 feb 2019

EMOOC 2019

06 feb 2019 | University of Naples Federico II – Italy | May 20 – 22, 2019 The Higher Education landscape is changing. As the information economy...
06 feb 2019

Learning 4.0. Connecting the Dots; Reaching the Unreached

06 feb 2019 | The second edition of FoL aims to promote innovation and help foster dialogues between the major actors shaping the 21st-century...
14 sep 2018

OOFHEC2018: the Online, Open and Flexible Higher Education Conference

In European universities three areas of provision emerge: degree education as the backbone of a university; continuing education and continuous professional development, which probably will exceed...
13 sep 2018

Learning with MOOCS 2018 MOOCs for All – A Social and International Approach

The development of massive open online courses (MOOCs) is reaching a level of maturity in the Higher Education area as well as inside the recognition of professional activities, after a few years...
12 sep 2018

enlightED: Reinventing Education in a Digital World

EnlightED is an international conference that brings together experts in education, technology and innovation to fuel debate on education in the digital era. Telefónica Foundation and IE University...
20 abr 2018

The teaching professions_Education and Training_European Comission

The Digital Education Action Plan by the European Commission aims at supporting the teaching professions. If you want to know the plan please check this link:...
03 abr 2018

The Seven Requirements To Launch A Personalized Learning Progr

This article will help you to find out the seven requirements to launch a personalized learning program. You just need to line up the following items: