Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy


  1. Who is responsible for managing your data as a user of the Service ofónica Educación Digital S.L.U.
  1. What data do we manage about you? Data about you can give us in the newsletter form.
  1. How do we obtain and where does the data come from? Directly from you.
  1. For what and why do we use your data? To send you the information you are requesting, to communicate with you and to know if you are satisfied with the project.
  1. How long do we keep your data? In general, we will not keep your data at the time it is not necessary to continue providing you with the service of colMOOC.
  1. Who has access to your data? Besides Telefónica Educación Digital S.L.U., your personal data is shared with: our suppliers and partners, other companies in the Telefónica Group and, where appropriate, the authorities with whom we collaborate and interact. Your data is provided to these third parties for lawful purposes and only for the period of time strictly necessary for it.
  1. What are your rights and how you can control your data? Access, modify and delete your data as well as other rights and management options available.
  1. How do we use cookies and how you can manage them? We use own and third party cookies to give you a more personalized service and show you information related with your preferences and browsing habits. By using we understand that you accept.
  1. How do we protect your data? Your data and personal information using  are limited and protected to have no impact on your private life.
  1. What do you have to keep in mind especially when using the web of colMOOC? You can only use the website if you are over 18 years.

Cookies Policy


  1. Who is controller for processing your data as a web user Telefónica Educación Digital?


Telefónica Educación Digital S.L.U...  is the company Telefónica Group's processing of your personal data.


The company controller for processing your data as a web user:

  • Name: Telefónica Educación Digital
  • CIF: B82857053
  • Address: For this purpose, Ronda SN Communication, west 1, Floor 4, 28050 - Madrid
  • Email:  [email protected]   
  • Chief Data Protection: A / A D. Manuel Crespo - DPO - Telefonica SA - Ronda Comunicación SN - 28050 Madrid
  1. What information about you we collect?


We have information about who you are and how you use the services of the web.


The information we have about you includes data about who you are and how you use the services of the web:

The data requested are:

Name and surname

  1. How do we get the information and where does the data come from?


You provide them to us directly.


Primarily we get your information directly from you and contact forms or sending files we have on our website.

  1. For what and why do we use your data?


We use your data to provide you with the services of colMOOC and to provide you with a training offer that is relevant in terms if your interests and needs. We also use them for other legitimate purposes with the goal of communicating with you, knowing the use you give to the website or even complying with some legal obligations that are applicable to us.


We manage your data to:

  • You can enjoy the website and all its functionalities (rendering the service).
  • Communicate and be in contact with you to inform you about the products and services that are relevant to you through various channels such as, for example, email, or the site
  • Conduct surveys to ask and to know your opinion about the website or its services and features.
  • Collaborate and respond to orders or requirements of the authorities.
  • Report or inform the authorities fraudulent, malicious or allegedly illegal actions.
  • Defend against lawsuits, complaints and / or claims of any kind.
  • Guarantee the physical security of networks and information technologies we use to provide you with our services and products.

Finally, it is possible that in the future we need to manage your data for additional purposes in order to continue to innovate and offer you value-added services.

Do not worry; in this case, we will always consider whether these purposes are compatible with your expectations and the principles that govern our privacy policy and cookies.

In any case, we will previously adopt all necessary actions to ensure this compatibility, for example, measures of transparency, control or additional security.

We use your data for the above purposes because:

  • We need them so that you can enjoy the website and its functionalities in accordance with its terms of use.
  • We need them to comply with certain legal and regulatory obligations (eg obligation to cooperate and respond to the requirements of the authorities).
  • Some of the purposes are necessary for the legitimate business interests of Telefónica Educación Digital S.L.U., although you can always oppose them (eg communicate and be in contact with you to inform you about products and services of colMOOC).
  • Because you have given us your permission to process your data for certain purposes (eg those permissions that you grant us during registration so that we can access information about your device).
  1. How long do we keep your data?


There are certain reasons that legitimizes us to preserve your data, but only retain and treat as necessary for the purposes stated in section 4 of this policy. The concrete conservation period will depend on the type of data and for what and why they are used.


In general, we will not keep your data at the time it is not necessary to continue providing you with the service of colMOOC. However, there are some exceptions to this general rule that we explain below.

In this matter, there are some purposes that persist and continue even after the removal of the web. Specifically, we need to continue to keep some information about you and how you were using the web:

  • Comply with certain legal obligations applicable to data retention Telefónica Educación Digital S.L.U.
  • Cooperate with the authorities and respond to their information requirements.
  • Defend against lawsuits, complaints and/or claims.
  • Prevent fraud, abuse or illegal actions.
  • Test and verify that you had a user account on the website

However, during this additional period of time we will apply a series of additional measures and actions to ensure the protection of your information and your privacy. Such measures may include, for example, functional separation, pseudonymisation, and / or encryption of your data and information.

We will also take all reasonable measures to ensure that your data is corrected or deleted when inaccurate.

  1. Who has access to your data (in addition to Telefónica Educación Digital S.L.U.)?


Besides Telefónica Educación Digital S.L.U., they have access to your personal data: our suppliers and partners, other companies in the Telefónica Group and, where appropriate, the authorities with whom we collaborate and interact. The access to your data we provide to these third parties is always for lawful purposes and only for the period of time strictly necessary for it.


We need to share your data with third parties that indicate you then always in relation to the concrete for which we treat your data as described in point 4 purposes, and during the period of time strictly necessary for it.

Specifically, this involves giving access to your data to:

  • Our suppliers and partners, as well as companies that they subcontract, which help us to provide the services of the web, to communicate and be in contact with you, as well as to conduct surveys and to know how to use the website Some of these suppliers and partners (eg Amazon, Google or Telefonica USA) are located in the United States and its services, infrastructure, systems or tools are always hired by Telefonica Digital SLU Education covered the According EU-US Privacy Shield, Which provides maximum guarantees in the transfer of your data that is made to that country.
  • Other companies in the Telefónica Group whose identity can check the following link, with an internal administrative purpose and business management so that these companies can communicate and contact you with information about products, promotions, offers and/or services.
  • International authorities (eg security forces and state security forces or judicial bodies), national and / or international that require legal access to your information as well as those other authorities with whom we need to share your information to defend ourselves against possible lawsuits, complaints and/or claims of any kind, as well as to inform fraudulent, malicious or allegedly illegal. 

In any case, Telefónica Education Digital SLU always guarantees the highest level of protection during the access that these third parties have to your data and information, for example, reaching data management agreements with them or by establishing appropriate measures to ensure confidentiality and secure treatment of your data.

  1. What are your rights and how you can control your data?


The regulations give you certain rights in relation to data and information we manage about you. Specifically the rights of access, rectification, deletion, limitation, opposition, portability, as well as not being subject to automated decisions and to withdraw your consent at any time. Some of these rights can be exercised directly through the address [email protected]..


You can exercise the following data protection rights against Telefónica Educación Digital S.L.U.

  • Right of access: The right to request details of the data we hold about you and how we treat them and obtain a copy thereof.
  • Right of rectification: Right to obtain the rectification of your inaccurate or erroneous data and to complete those that are incomplete.
  • Right of removal: The right to request removal or deletion of your data and information under certain circumstances. However, keep in mind that there are certain occasions in whichTelefónica Educación Digital S.L.U. is legally entitled to continue conserving and processing your data (eg for compliance with a legal obligation to conserve data).
  • Right of limitation: Right to restrict or limit the processing of your data in certain circumstances (eg if data delition applies but, instead of eliminating them, you prefer that we block them and handle them only for the purpose of their preservation since you will need them later to file a claim). Again, keep in mind that there may be times when Telefónica Educación Digital S.L.U. is legally entitled to refuse your request for limitation.
  • Right opposition: Right to oppose Telefonica Digital SLU Education to manage your data for a particular purpose, in certain circumstances provided in the regulations and related to your personal situation. In some cases we provide you with simple options to oppose (eg opposition to receive commercial communications sent by Telefónica Educación Digital S.L.U.) and in other cases you must contact us via email so that our Privacy team can evaluate your request in more detail.
  • Right to data portability: right to receive your data in a commonly used format that allows you to carry them to another company and, where appropriate, to ask Telefónica Educación Digital S.L.U. direct transmission to other company when technically possible. Remember that the right to data portability is different from the right to portability of your phone number.
  • Right not to be subject of automated decisions: Right to oppose being the subject of a decision be based solely on the automated processing of data (without human intervention), including the preparation of profiles, which produces legal effects on you or affects you in a meaningful way.
  • Right to withdraw consent at any time: right to withdraw your consent at any time to the processing of your data for a particular purpose, when based on that legitimating base. You can withdraw these permits at any time through the options you have available in the operating system of your device.

You can check the full scope and detail of these rights on the website of the Spanish Agency for Data Protection (AEPD) here.

In general, you can exercise these rights (at any time and for free) writing the privacy team Telefonica Digital Education SLU at [email protected]

It is therefore important to bear in mind that:

When you exercise a right, you must provide a copy of your official identification (eg ID card or passport) and, if possible, send your request from the same email you used to register Telefónica Educación Digital SL newsletter.
In case you decide to exercise any of these rights through a representative, it will be necessary to provide in the application documentation certifying that status (eg in the case of a voluntary representative, the power of representation which includes powers to allow the exercise of such rights in your name).
The requests for the exercise of rights must be as specific as possible, indicating therein the specific right to be exercised.

However, you can exercise your right to oppose to receiving commercial communications by any channel, from Telefónica Educación Digital S.L.U. by sampling sendingan email to [email protected]

Finally, remember that you also have the right to file a complaint with a supervisory authority Data Protection (eg the Spanish Data Protection Agency, whose contact details you can consult here), especially if you estimate or understand that Telefónica Digital SLU has not fullfield properly the exercise your data protection rights.

  1. How do we use cookies and how you can manage them?


Telefónica Educación Digital S.L.U. uses own and third-party cookies to give you a more personalized service, to know how to use the products and services of the website and, where appropriate, to show advertising related to your preferences and browsing habits. If you use the website, we understand that you accept its use.


A cookie is a file that is downloaded to your device when accessing certain websites and/or applications. Cookies allow, among other things, to store and retrieve information about your number of visits, browsing habits or the type of device and, depending on the information they contain and the way you use it, they can be used to recognize you as a user.

Note that in order that you can use the website you need to have cookies enabled, especially those of a technical nature which are necessary for Telefónica Educación Digital S.L.U. to identify you as a registered user each time you access our site. Telefónica Educación Digital S.L.U. uses the following types of cookies, which are treated well by us directly or by collaborating third party

Technical cookies: Are those used by Telefónica SLU Digital Education that allow the user navigation and the use of different options or services offered, for example, controlling traffic and data communication, identifying the session, access restricted parts, use security features while browsing or store, disseminate and / or share content.

Cookies Customization: those used by Telefónica Educación Digital S.L.U. that allow the user to access the website with some predefined general features based on a series of criteria in your device, such as language, the type of browser, the regional configuration from where you access, etc.

Cookies analysis: those used by Telefónica Educación Digital S.L.U. and by third party (GOOGLE ANALYTICSGOOGLE TAG MANAGERGOOGLE FireBaseAKAMAIcomScoreMixpanelHOTJARAPPS HOCKEY y HubSpot) to quantify the number of users and perform the measurement and statistical analysis of the use and activity that users do as well as develop navigation profiles to be able to introduce improvements in products and services of the web..

Advertising and behavioral advertising cookies: are those used by Telefónica Educación Digital S.L.U. and our collaborators who manage advertising spaces that serve Telefónica Educación Digital S.L.U. (APPSFLYER, PubMatic, ADSRVR, RUBICON PROJECT, Smaato, Connexity, TURN, Simplify, affilinet, BING ADS, BlueKai, DOUBLECLICK, YOUTUBE, Criteo, MOVISTAR, GOOGLE, YAHOO, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, ROCKETFUEL, MediaMath, SMART, Appnexus, OpenX, ADGRAVITY, SMARTCLIP, Adform, HubSpot, Crazy Egg, PLATFORM161, ROCKET FUEL I THE TRADE DESK) that allow us to disseminate appropriate and relevant advertising, measure the effectiveness of our online campaigns and adapt the content of the advertisements to the navigation profile of each user on the internet.

Remember that you can allow, block or delete cookies anytime through the settings options of your device or terminal, as well as your web browser. To do this, you can find the latest support information of these devices or browsers to know how you can eliminate cookies, since the way to do it may be differnt between versions and operating systems. As an example:

-Internet Explorer, click here

-For Mozilla Firefox, click here

-For Google Chrome, click here

-For Safari, click here

In the event you use any other browser, we recommend reviewing the different cookies management  options that may be available, and, in general, any other tools available in the market for blocking and / or administration of cookies (eg Ghostery or Disconnect)

For more information, please write to [email protected]

  1. How do we protect your data?


Telefónica Educación Digital S.L.U. ensures security, secrecy and confidentiality of your data, communications and personal information and therefore has adopted the most demanding and robust security measures, and provides you tools and features that allow you to control access to your account website


Telefónica Educación Digital S.L.U. is concerned about ensuring security, secrecy and confidentiality of your data, communications and personal information. Therefore, as part of our commitment and compliance with current legislation, we have adopted the most demanding and robust security measures and technical means to prevent loss, misuse or access without your permission.

In addition, we commit to act quickly and responsibly in the event that the security of your data may be at risk, and inform you if relevant.

  1. What do you have to be especially aware of when using the website?


You have to have in mind certain aspects relating to the minimum age for use of the web quality of the data you provide us, as well as lower your user account.


We advise you to especially consider the following when you register and use website

  • Minimum age of use: To register and use the website you have to be over 18 years. Therefore, when you register on the website you guarantee that you are older than that age. We may contact you at any time to check whether you meet this condition.
  • Quality of data you provide: Your personal data, mobile phone number and other information you provide with the registration and/or use of the web services must always be real, accurate and up to date. We provide you with tools and options needed to control and update your personal information (eg writing to [email protected]).
  • Removal of your user account: In general, there may be two situations in which the technical deactivation of your user account is carried out:  1) that you manage to unsubscribe from the platform or voluntarily request us to proceed to unsubscribe your user account in colMOOC as explained in point 7 of this policy, and 2) that Telefónica Educación Digital S.L.U. proceeds to the technical deactivation of your user account (eg, in cases in which we detect that you have breached the conditions of use of the service). In case of removal, you will lose the information and data that you may have in colMOOC, as well as the right to use any benefits or services that you may have had at the time of removal and/or have previously contracted as a user of colMOOC.  

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